A multidimensional instrument measuring changes in addiction health over time to ensure cost-effective care.


Track Progress

Measure changes in personal, social and cultural recovery capital over time.


Inform Care

Understand each client's progress to provide individualized addiction recovery support.


Prove Outcomes

Capture meaningful data to assess intervention effectiveness and demonstrate results.


Reduce Costs

Increase engagement to reduce the high cost of acute care interventions.

“We have selected the RCI because we see it as a critical tool in helping our clients continually assess their recovery capital and use that to build a successful recovery plan and monitor their progress with that plan. The RCI innovatively takes advantage of the emerging science that places recovery capital at the center of addiction recovery.”

Michael Cain, Clinical Director, Southwest Behavioral Health Center

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A better measurement tool

Get actionable information to drive improvements in your addiction recovery care program. The RCI provides meaningful data across 22 components of recovery capital.

  • Measure change against various interventions
  • View multidimensional trend data over time
  • Access dashboards with visualizations
  • Support addiction population health management

“The typical measure of recovery is focused only on one symptom - use or non-use. The RCI is designed to provide meaningful information related to components of personal, social and cultural capital that reflect overall addiction health.”

David Whitesock, Chief Data Officer, Face It TOGETHER

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