Empowering care coordination and outcomes measurement for drug and alcohol addiction.

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Streamlines Workflow

Intuitively organizes workflow for peer coaches to make providing care easier and more effective.


Facilitates Engagement

Allows clients to communicate easily with their recovery coach or care team (smartphone, text, email, etc).


Track Interactions

Automatically tracks and records all client interactions to centralize communication and capture data.


Reports Outcomes

Tools and reporting for quick review and analysis of what's working to help clients improve their wellness.


AXIS is leading-edge digital technology that enables the care team to provide quality, continuous peer support for addiction recovery.

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Real-time connections

Powered by Welkin Health, the web-based platform helps care team members offer ongoing support and focus on the individual needs of their clients.

  • Web-based and easy to use
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Integrates with EHR systems
  • Assesses risk factors and patient satisfaction
  • Tracks outcomes


RCI: Recovery Capital Index


Recovery Capital Index

AXIS includes a suite of assessment tools for measuring addiction wellness, including the Recovery Capital Index. The RCI is the only multidimensional measure of addiction wellness designed to track and inform ongoing recovery support to keep addiction sufferers well.


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"The assessment and measurement tools help me validate the effectiveness of my team. I can track progress on a real-time basis to help guide my coaches and ensure they're giving the best support possible."

Terri, Recovery Coach Supervisor, Sioux Falls, SD


We help you provide better addiction support to keep your patients, clients and employees healthy and well.

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