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Do our peer coaching clients reduce their addiction-related visits to the emergency department or to their doctor?

Are our peer coaching clients improving their quality of life across multiple dimensions? Our RCI aims to track and measure just that. See what we're learning in this evaluation brief.

How do our clients feel after a peer coaching session? That's just one way we track their journey to wellness.

Our peer coaches provide high quality practical, social and emotional support to empower clients to successfully manage their disease. 

At the end of the first quarter of 2017, our operating affiliates had an average of 255 clients engaged per month.

Imagine being given the keys to a complex, high-tech car and told to drive it across the country with minimal instruction and no manual. That’s what it can feel like to be told you have diabetes, asthma, kidney disease, or some other complex chronic condition, including addiction. Our digital health partner, Welkin Health, weighs in on the benefits of health coaching going high tech.

Addiction is a complex chronic illness requiring a multifaceted approach. Face It TOGETHER Health has developed a set of tools and programs to help payers and providers implement population health strategies to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

We're working to understand the impact of our recovery coaching on the employment status of our clients.