How We Help

We're addressing the growing need for more effective drug and alcohol addiction care. 

Our products are focused on helping providers extend quality care and engagement and measure meaningful outcomes around addiction wellness.

Addiction is a chronic disease, requiring ongoing support and self-management over a lifetime. But providing long-term care, outside the four walls of the clinic, is challenging and can be costly.

We're focused on helping addiction care providers extend the continuum of care in a cost-effective way and measure meaningful outcomes.

Why Now

Due to the worsening opioid crisis, addiction treatment providers are facing growing demands for expanded access as well as higher quality care with improved results. At the same time, the shift to values-based reimbursement is looming, making outcomes measurement vital for addiction care providers. 

We help providers:

  • Extend their continuum of care
  • Provide patient-centric care
  • Deliver value-based outcomes
  • Better manage the cost of addiction care
  • Improve care protocols